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SAP, dude.
Here comes the cool stuff.

With this report you can browse the stock of infographics which SAPdude has in the Warehouse. There is no goods issue implemented, so the stock will always stay the same or will be extended by additional goods receipt performed in the future. Each infographic belongs to specific storage location. With the use of filters, you can jump across different groups and choose the infographic you are interested in.

This website is for everyone, who uses SAP on daily basis. You don’t have to be neither a consultant, nor a super-user. It is for everyone, who wants to master her/his SAP knowledge, see some ‘sexy’ stuff and share their hints and tricks as well! So it does not matter that you are a real newbie with SAP. SAPdude follows actual trends, with huge pressure on User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI). You will find here pure information about Logistics and other modules  with fancy graphics and much more! Because it is not only about fancy and cool stuff – it is about knowledge and mastering SAP. Enjoy!