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SAP S/4HANA Plant Maintenance EAM – Ultimate Course 2024

Categories: SAP EAM/PM
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What Will You Learn?

  • End-to-end understanding of SAP S/4HANA Plant Maintenance EAM,
  • How to configure and create Master Data for SAP EAM,
  • How to configure Business Processes like Reactive maintenance and others,
  • What are the newest functionalities for SAP S/4HANA Asset Management/EAM including Phase-based model and others,
  • Careful completion of this course grants getting a job for Junior SAP EAM Consultant positions,

Course Content

Welcome in the course!

  • Course Overview

Module #1: Plant Maintenance basics
In this module you will understand what Plant Maintenance is, what are Assets, Organizational Structure of Maintenance Team and more. Here we won't touch SAP system yet, here you will understand the Business, what is fundamental to start SAP EAM Consultant career.

Module #2: Master Data preparation
Finally, we can jump into the SAP S/4HANA system and do the 'real' work. In this module we will prepare so-called Master Data - Equipment, Functional location and others. Of course to do that we have to first understand each of the technical objects, then know how to configure it in the system and then let our users to create it and use them throughout the life of the our SAP. All these steps will be covered in this module.

Module #3: Business Processes
This module is impossible to start without the previous ones. Here we will leverage our knowledge, which we got from the module #1 and #2, but we will also use the prepared information/data, which we already created. They are necessary to build Business Processes, for example Preventive Maintenance or Refurbishment.

What’s next?
So you finalized the course. Congratulations! Now you want to know, what are the next steps. No worries, just watch this video and you will get the straight answer.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 Ratings
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2 months ago

I have attended 5 SAP Plant Maintenance courses in my career.
3 of them were on site in Germany, the others two were online

This course is the best I have ever attended.
The amount of informations, the materials, the business cases - I am amazed...
And finally someone explains it with a nice English.

Beste Grüße,
4 months ago
As an SAP Solution Architect I give strong 5 Stars. It's definitely an Ultimate Course, there is everything you need to know about EAM in S/4HANA. Especially these new things, Phase Model, Fiori Apps - Dan explains it in a perfect way.
For me practical, hands-on experience is the most important - and this course is in around 85% about practice.

P.S The resources, these checklists, the integration points file, the graphics - this is something epic.

I totally recommend attending this course,
6 months ago
just wanted to learn how to implement refurbishment, as its tricky
went thru the whole content and learned much more

Big recommendation
Rosia R.
6 months ago
Just wow!!!
Before I enrolled to the course, I went through all the YT videos of SAPdude - it already structured my knowledge
But this course... it's amazing, everything is so easy explained, it's clear even for a total beginnner.
I totally recommend taking this course, if you want to understand SAP EAM
Thank you for amazing videos and resources!
6 months ago
I am an experienced SAP Consultant already, working at one of the big Consulting firms.
This course just showed me, that I just thought, I know SAP Plant Maintenance!
What I loved the most is this awesome approach - theory, then system configuration and then practice.
Now I have more than 20 documents including configuration checklists and user steps, which I will use for my current project. Well done SAPdude!!! Laura