Master Data for EAM Inspection Checklists

SAP EAM Inspection Checklists require many different steps in the following three areas: System Configuration, Master Data and Business User steps. This graphic presents all the necessary Master Data aspects, which you need to prepare to successfully implement the Inspection Process. 

The graphic is divided into two sections – Asset Management and Quality Management. You can also find 5 main steps, which have to be performed, like technical object creation with a class relevant for your checklists, task list and inspection plan preparation, which need the class too. Once these 3 prerequisites are met, next step is to create and schedule maintenance plan, which results in generation of PM/EAM Work Orders with Object Lists – these are required to generate the inspection checklists.

Feel free to use the graphic for your learning or workshops purposes. 

If you want to see, how to configure the EAM Inspection Checklists in your SAP system, check out this link. If you need just an overview, how does this feature work, there is a YT video prepared by myself, go for it too!