SAP EAM Equipment Cheat Sheet

Equipment in SAP Plant Maintenance is the fundamental technical object, which is considered during system implementation. It represents a movable object, which can be installed, deinstalled, refurbished, or just properly maintained with PM programs. This SAP EAM Equipment Cheat Sheet by SAPdude will help you to understand the essentials about Equipments in SAP.

Especially, when it comes to integration between other areas/modules of SAP. Equipments in Plant Maintenance can be integrated with Materials Management (MM), Controlling (CO) or Production Planning (PP). Do you want to know how to create an equipment in SAP? You will also find the answer there. There are two ways of creating this technical object in the system.

If you prefer the classical way – you will use SAP GUI and transaction IE01.
If you are more into Fiori Apps – so, basically the new way of working with SAP – dive deep into Fiori Application called Create Technical Object. At the end – it’s up to you how you are going to work with these.
Take a look at the hints, download the free graphic and have fun.